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Slate is a classic, classy choice for roofing. A natural stone product, its appearance cannot be perfectly duplicated, and it is one of the highest quality, longest lasting materials in today’s roofing market. If you are considering a slate roof or currently have a slate roof that is in need of repairs or an inspection, Branford Roofing can help. We provide residential and commercial roofing services for all slate roof products throughout Essex and the surrounding areas in Connecticut. Our Essex roofing company is family owned and operated and has been in business for more than 15 years.

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Why Should I Consider a Slate Roof?

Slate roofing offers a number of upsides that may make it the right choice for your property. When you call our company for a free estimate, we can talk to you about the various upsides slate roofing has to offer, based on your unique property and needs.

A slate roof may be the answer if you are concerned with:

  • The appearance of your roof. Although everyone has a different style and preferences, slate is highly celebrated as one of the most beautiful and unique roofing materials. It is also available in a range of colors and varying sizes and thicknesses.
  • The longevity of your roof. Slate roofing is built to last a century or more. As a matter of fact, most property owners can expect their slate roof to last 150 years if the roof is properly constructed and maintained.
  • Fire resistance. Slate tiles themselves are completely fireproof, making slate roofing one of the most fire resistant choices out there. Sparks from fireworks or wildfires cannot catch on slate tiles.
  • Choosing an environmentally-friendly roofing material. Because it lasts so long, slate roofing is an excellent choice if you are interested in protecting the environment. This reduces landfill waste by having to replace your roof every 20-30 years (as with other roofing materials).

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